luni, 31 mai 2010

Hand made accessories.

Vintage Clock and military earrings . These earrings were made with a piece of a belt and military button. And the clock is from my grandma.(It`s still functional)

Jeans earrings with plastic button and metal accessory . I have too a simply jeans ring and a bracelet with metal button.(I love military look and all accessories inspired by old times.

Finally, this day was very good. Why? Because I have a good mark at geography :)), Pure happiness.

P.s I`m soo proud of me =)) :x

duminică, 30 mai 2010

Latex, must have or not?!

Colantii din latex sunt purtati de fashioniste ca Victoria, Heidi, Ashley, Nicky, Kate sau Mischa.
Combinatii cool:
latex leggings+camasa masculina+platforme
latex leggings+tricou cu/fara imprimeu+tocuri
latex leggings+camasa alba+botine
latex leggings+top baby doll+balerini
latex leggings+sacou+tocuri
In functie de ansamblu cu colantii din latex se pot crea tinute sexy, casual, trashy, glam rock, elegante.

and I`ve got too.

Latex pants by Zara
Pink&White Nike shoes
Black&White Scarf
Leather Jacket

Trupa PCD a fost intens comentata datorita numeroaselor aparitii in pantaloni din latex. Eu cred ca e doar o idee extrem de sexy care le ajuta sa se promoveze (nu ca nu ar fi)

Electric blue

Electric Blue Shoes
Handmade Vintage Earrings

vineri, 28 mai 2010

Old weekend

Shirt - Ann Christine
Turquoise Scarf
Turquoise Bracelet (Beads)
Flower Power Headband

Orange VOTKA

Hello visitor! This is my new BLOG - ORANGE VOTKA. A blog about everything, most dedicated to fashion. I hope you like it.
Something about me : I`m from Cluj Napoca, Romania. I`m 16 years old and I`m dedicated to beautiful things. In conclusion I`m a life lover .

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