joi, 3 iunie 2010

Daily look

I think my new passion is for jackets like this. I like soo much casual style and I think it represent me.

I was wearing:
Zara Jacket
The shirt made by me (see the second post)
Earrings made by me.
Today I bought a black textil marker, so my work will be easier with it. This will be my new shirt . Today I didin`t have inspiration and I wasn`t soo creative; but in this weekend my shirt will be ready.
P.s. I hope it will be nice and good to wear.

I forgot to write that on this shirt I`ll put lace or finally pieces of lace for a good looking ,of course :D Wish me luck !!
TOMORROW AFTER SCHOOL , I`ll show you my new earrings (I create it )and some of my accessories .

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