vineri, 18 iunie 2010

New shirt and earrings.

If today is my birthday, this doesn`t mean that I don`t have a new post.

One of my friend send me this song, I think is very funny :)) Thank you.

The pinky earrings made with my new modeling . Issa-Bell wrote on a part of earring and on the other are two ladies drawn as on the T-shirt.

This is the back of shirt.

And on the front is a sign with "I is from Issa"
Click on the image to make it bigger.

The beginning is here.

I have a new textil colour, magenta. (I love this colour)

And my new cut jeans.

I must add that the shirt and the earrings are for my class-mate Issabel .

4 comentarii:

  1. happy birthday to youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cel mai tareeee blog:x

  2. stai sa inteleg...u iti modifici singura hainele si faci designuri pt earings? oh my gosh..but...that's sooo cool. congratiulations girl...all ma' respect :)


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